Social media companies now have to operate under Pakistani law


ISLAMABAD: Social media companies will now have to operate under Pakistan's laws, as the federal government prepares to tighten its grip on social media, the cabinet has approved social media laws.  The federal government has decided to tighten the noose on social media. A major decision has been taken in the meeting of the federal cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

  It may be recalled that a petition was filed in the Islamabad High Court last year against the government's move to control social media.

  The federal government had last year approved rules to regulate social media, against which Advocate Ahsan Satti had filed a petition in the court through his lawyer Barrister Jahangir Khan Jadoon.  According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, approved by the Assembly, freedom of expression is a right of everyone, including the right to express one's opinion without interference and to receive impartial information through any media, regardless of borders.

  The petition said that the standard of freedom to have free relations in the society has a profound effect on the development of the society and the strengthening of democracy and society.  It further said that the Constitution of Pakistan guarantees the fundamental freedom of expression to the citizens of Pakistan under Article 19 and only allows restrictions imposed by law.

  Referring to the social media laws of other countries, the petition said that no significant democracy has a strict media policy. Furthermore, there is hardly any comprehensive law in any country that regulates all aspects of social media.  However, there are rules and regulations regarding government elements in the industry. The petitioner further said that in order to impose restrictions on social media, on January 28, 2020, the Federal Cabinet approved the Citizen Protection (Against Online Harm) Rules 2020.  ۔

  The petition states that the rules adopted to control social media are against the fundamental right to information and also contradict the constitutional guarantee of the fundamental rights of citizens.  Social media companies are required to set up and register their offices, especially database servers in Pakistan. The main purpose of these rules is to control social media through the direct control of the government. The petition states that these rules  The Constitution of Pakistan, Electronic Crime Prevention Act 2016 and Pakistan Telecommunication (Reorganization) Act 1996 are beyond the jurisdiction of Karachi (Urdu Point News Latest - NNI. September 28, 2021)  Bad news has come. 

According to media reports, if you are using old Android smartphones, this is bad news for you because you will not be able to use Google services very soon. All old Android phones since this month.  Google services will be lost  Or that since September, phones running on Android 2.3.7 or earlier operating systems will not be allowed to sign in to Google Accounts by Google.  Users who sign in to Gmail, YouTube and Maps on these devices will experience username or password errors.  If you are using phones running on operating systems 2.3.7 or earlier, change your mobile immediately.

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