The effects of the power crisis in the world's factory chain will be felt all over the world

 BEIJING, Sept. 29 (Xinhua) - Chinese factories have been forced to shut down due to power outages to meet official energy consumption targets, and some areas have been plunged into darkness.  May face a potential shortage of essentials.  China's state broadcaster has reported that 23 people have been hospitalized in Beijing after a metal casting factory in the northeastern city of Liaoning lost power and ventilation due to a power outage.  Factories have fallen into disrepair to avoid over-utilizing energy use to boost efficiency. Economists and an environmental group say the Corona virus epidemic has boosted export demand.  Manufacturers use this year's quota faster than planned A supplier of Apple iPhone components has said it has suspended production at a factory west of Shanghai under orders from local authorities.

  This hurdle in China's busiest season for major industries reflects the ruling Communist Party's struggle to balance economic growth with efforts to curb pollution and emissions from climate change.  One economist said that Beijing's unprecedented commitment to limiting energy consumption could lead to long-term benefits, but that short-term economic costs were too high.  China's economic growth forecast for the current quarter fell to 4.7 percent from 5.1 percent a year earlier and its outlook for annual growth fell from 8.2 percent to 7.7 percent.

  Global financial markets are already in jeopardy due to the possible collapse of China's largest real estate developer EverGrand Group, which is facing billions of dollars in debt defaults.  I face obstacles and other long-term effects of the global closure of travel and trade to prevent the Corona epidemic.  Residents of northeastern China, where temperatures are dropping, have reported power cuts and called on the government to restore supplies on social media.  September 29, 2021) Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that for the development of Pakistan, all areas must be developed equally. Bringing up the areas which have been deprived of development in 70 years is the top priority of our government.  

The cost of construction of motorways was Rs 200 million per km more than today. The FIA ​​has been given the power to investigate such projects. It will bring all such details before the nation. Pakistan's biggest problem is corruption.  Despite its resources, corruption is the main cause of poverty in the world's poorest countries.

 He was addressing the ground breaking ceremony of Jhal Jhao-Bela Highway Rehabilitation and Upgradation Project in Balochistan on Wednesday.  Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan and Federal Minister for Communications Murad Saeed also addressed the gathering.  Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri was also present on the occasion.  Addressing the gathering, PM Imran Khan said that roads were being constructed at a lower cost of Rs. 200 million as compared to the roads constructed during the PML-N era.

 He said that FIA has been given full mandate to investigate and bring the facts before the nation and determine those responsible for the loss of national capital.  The Prime Minister said that Jhal Jhao-Bela Highway is a very important project to connect different areas of Balochistan.  The Prime Minister told the participants on the occasion that when they went to Hunza on a sightseeing tour during school days, people in small towns gave us a warm welcome.  People have also started renting rooms.

 The situation there has changed completely.  In Balochistan too, if the same attention is paid to highways, there are vast opportunities for tourism.  Balochistan is 40% of the total area of ​​Pakistan.  This has been overlooked in the past because governments that consider their tenure and elections continue to take steps for development where political gain is greater, rather than taking an interest in Balochistan's development.

 That is why Balochistan was left behind.  Our government has made it a priority to develop the backward areas in 70 years.  He said that China chose the western route of C-Pac because western China was lagging behind in the development process and it is being linked with Gwadar. The Prime Minister said that China has adopted a long-term strategy. 

 We are moving in the same direction.  The country is on the path of development with long-term plans.  The Prime Minister said that the backwardness in Balochistan was also due to the politicians here whose thinking was only to develop their constituency and win the elections.  The Prime Minister said that despite the absence of our government in Sindh in the Ehsas program, 34 per cent share was given to Sindh because the poverty rate is high there.

 Our government's focus is on Balochistan.  Highways are most needed here as compared to the whole of Pakistan.  We try to show that when we show our scorecard, the highest development is in Balochistan.  The federal and provincial governments together will leave behind ideal development in Balochistan.  Paying homage to Murad Saeed and his team, the Prime Minister said that construction of roads is not a difficult task but it is wonderful to build quality roads at low cost.

 Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the biggest problem of Pakistan is corruption.  People's money and taxes are stolen for this purpose. Despite the resources, the countries in the world are left behind.  The main reason for this is corruption. Countries that are prosperous do not have corruption.  The Prime Minister said that in the briefing given by NHA, the cost per km of roads to be constructed in 2013 was very high especially today when considering the value of dollar against rupee and inflation, the cost in 2013 was so high.  To be is cruel.

 How much money was made from it, will be investigated and brought before the nation.  There is no need for any proof.  The nation must be aware of the damage caused by corruption.  How many more projects could have been completed with this money which would have eliminated the backwardness.

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