Fia Jobs 2021 Interview Tips

 FIA Interview 

The interface is a piano to test your confidence, abilities and personality, so it is very wise to give an interview.  In that case, you will lose the job that you are not.  In the light of professional guidance, you will be clothed.  You may like the veins, but you are going for an interview, not for a party.  According to the experts, I have written a book for the interview in which you look professional.  Jeans and T-shirts are not suitable for men in job interviews. Black brown and navy cat are suitable colors for women in the interview while it is better for men to use black, white, gray and brown colors.  Gentlemen, buy a nice suit that they can wear with full confidence in every official interview.  There are BlueI Secret Famous Boys and similar perfumes that of course fascinate many ladies and gentlemen, but it is also possible that the gentleman who is going to interview you is allergic to perfume on the 19th and you are shocked by your arrival.  It is better to settle for deodorant instead of perfume. Before the interview is over, get the necessary information about the company where you are looking for a job and for this purpose.  You can get help from the website of this organization so that during the interview you will not be bothered by any question asked about the organization.  What does your company do?  By asking such questions, I do not express my dissatisfaction with the company.  Punctuality: Try to drink a few minutes before the time allotted for the interview and it is better to take something to the place where you go for the interview a day in advance so that  Avoid the hassle of finding an office on time.  Confidential Conversation: Experts say that self-confidence in the eyes during the interview and too much physical activity can affect the interviewer, so answer the questions in a confident manner by looking directly into the eyes of the interviewer.  But remember to avoid gourds).  At the same time, a candidate with poor grammar should talk a lot and at least he should tell me that he is a big fan of the interviewer. Don't keep yourself open during the interview and say everything.  Think before  Use abusive or frank language: Do not use language during the interview that you use with your very close friends because frank conversation in the interview will get you a job even though you are intelligent and respectful.  It will be useless. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?  When this question is asked, the interviewer actually wants to assume that you are really serious about the job in this field and have a professional responsibility, so the answer is consistent with the young man's company, rather than  You have to answer that I have not seen myself in five years in a farmhouse (when you have not applied to any agricultural institution).  Don't ask about the salary in advance in the salary interview as it will not make a good impression on you, but when you are asked about the witness, do not show too much leniency.  You want to know how much the company can pay and give it to the interviewer

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