Pakistan is ready to show its capabilities in the field of technology, says President

 ISLAMABAD: President Dr. Arif Alvi has stressed on the need to make use of information technology and said that the coming era is of technology, Pakistan should show its capabilities in the field of technology.  Ready for, the government has removed the barriers identified by experts in Silicon Valley and Amazon, which will have a very positive effect.

 He expressed these views while addressing the launching ceremony of the policy working papers of the exchange lab on Friday in which the issues hindering the development of Pakistan in the technical field were identified and steps were taken to move forward in the future.  Gone  He said that resources are essential for the development of any country, more than 20 million children are out of school in the country, special attention needs to be paid to their education as well as their training.  He said that he was constantly pushing for full utilization of other information technologies including artificial intelligence and cloud computing as it is a treasure trove of information.  Some time has been wasted but we are still ready to show our capabilities in the field of technology.

 He said that in the coming era of technology, IT sector is developing rapidly all over the world, Pakistan needs more investment in the field of information technology.  Reiterating his commitment to promoting online education, he said it was a low-cost project and could increase youth enrollment.  Done

 He said that 25,000 out of 30,000 graduates of Pakistan remain unemployed because their education does not meet the needs of the market.  The President said that the former Prime Minister of Japan had assured him of providing jobs to one lakh IT graduates from Pakistan but unfortunately there were no such graduates in the country.  He said that IT graduates should not move abroad for employment but should earn while staying in the country as their transfer abroad would hurt the investment made in the country.

 The President said that he had come up with the idea of ​​starting a program to train trainers after assuming office but it has not been achieved yet. It is all criminal negligence, it is linked to the future of the country.  The President said that he has repeatedly urged the universities to invest in human resources so that more admissions can be made in the field of higher education.

 He said that the government has removed the barriers identified by the experts of Nesilicon Valley and Amazon which will have a very good effect.  The President said that he was trying to transfer aid directly to the bank accounts of deserving women through Ehsas program so that they could have more financial freedom and more control over money.

 Highlighting the importance of data protection, the President urged the universities to conduct research in cybersecurity.  He said that information technology can develop Pakistan more than anything as the youth have earned billions of rupees in four to five years which takes generations to earn from traditional business.

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