People of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf ran away from coming to my program


Islamabad ( Latest Newspaper. October 1, 2021): Speaking on a program on a private TV channel, female journalist and anchor Gharida Farooqi claimed that the people of PTI have run away from my program.  Gharida Farooqi said that after talking to PML-N, the questions raised by the government on Shahbaz Sharif have been answered but politically confusion will remain.

 Explaining the reason for PTI's lack of position in the program, he said that PTI's position was not included in the program because the PTI's own people ran away from giving their position.  PTI's own people refused to come to the program and speak.  It should be noted that after the decision came from the British court, Shahbaz Sharif thanked the decision and said that today's decision of the British court is not only mine or Nawaz Sharif's but also Pakistan's, of course, true, false, fabricated stories and  More powerful than character assassination.  But the government rejected the claim of opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif.  Shehzad Akbar, an adviser to Prime Minister Imran Khan on the British court's decision, said that Shahbaz Sharif's name was nowhere in the order issued by the British court, nor was he acquitted of anything, nor was there any money laundering against him in London.  There was a case of laundering.

 "Late at night, I contacted the UK's National Crime Agency, from which I received a magistrate's court order," he said.  No case was filed against Shahbaz Sharif in the UK, the decision of money laundering against him is to come from the court of Pakistan.  A British court has issued a two-page summary judgment in the Shahbaz Sharif case.  He said that the decision was issued by the British National Crime Agency on September 10, the decision was related to the freezing of 2 accounts, there was an order to freeze 2 accounts of Salman Shahbaz, Shahbaz Sharif's name was not in the entire order, British court  Has not ruled on the acquittal.

 The PML-N and the ruling party have been at loggerheads since the British court ruled.  The PML-N is calling the decision a victory for Shahbaz Sharif, while the ruling party says Shahbaz Sharif's name is nowhere to be found in the decision. 

 Karachi ( newspaper latest. October 01, 2021) The country's treasury began to empty rapidly, in a few days, a huge decrease in foreign exchange reserves.  According to a report released by the State Bank of Pakistan, the country's foreign exchange reserves have declined further in the past one week.  The country's total reserves fell another کروڑ 250 million in the business week ending September 24, according to a SBP report.

 Thus, the country's total reserves decreased by about ً 1 billion in two weeks, reserves reached the level of ارب 26.15 billion.  The report released on September 10 stated that the country's total reserves were ارب 27.06 billion, thus reducing reserves to 91 910 million in 14 days.  According to sources, the SBP has poured dollars into the market to stem the rupee's decline, in addition to making external payments, which has led to a sharp decline in foreign exchange reserves.

 On the other hand, the depreciation of the Pakistani rupee stopped on Saturday.  The dollar depreciated on Friday in both the interbank and local open currency markets.  According to the report of Forex Association of Pakistan, the dollar depreciated by 18 paise against the rupee in the interbank market on Friday, taking the buying rate of the dollar from Rs 170.66 to Rs 170.48.  In the local open currency market, the buying rate of the dollar fell by 30 paise to Rs 172.10 from Rs 172.40 and the selling price fell from Rs 172.80 to Rs 172.50.

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